2020 Fiat 124 Spider Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


The two-seat Fiat 124 Spider convertible, a revival of the 124 brandplate from the 1960s to 1970s, is inevitably compared and contrasted with the Mazda MX-5 Miata upon which it is based. With styling cues taken from the original, the 124 stands out and gives it a significantly different exterior appearance to the Miata. The Fiat is more relaxed than the Mazda from the driver’s seat. It has a lower interior noise, more sound-deadening features, better-quality materials inside and a turbo-powered engine with more power. There is also more trunk space. The engine is slower than the Miata in terms of responsiveness and power, but it lacks the Miata’s ability to rev the engine. The 124’s cabin, just like the Miata is small, will fit you well. It’s a small, reliable roadster that can be compared to the Miata.

What’s new for 2020?

There is nothing else except a new side stripe and hood-decal package for Abarth models, which highlights the scorpion logo.

When it comes to choosing a rear-drive manual-transmission roadster, we tend to gravitate towards the most sporty model. In the case of the 124, this is the Abarth, which has an optional rorty exit and upgraded brakes. It also features Abarth-specific suspension tuning, and a limited slip differential. The Miata is a better choice if you want a roadster that drives well. We’d recommend the Classica, which is the most affordable, as the 124 Spider is all about the pure joy of driving a roadster.

Performance, Transmission and Engine

The turbocharged four-cylinder engine in all 124 Spider models is 160 HP in Classica and Lusso models, and 164 horsepower for the Abarth. Although it can be enjoyable to keep the engine ablaze by using the six-speed manual, (an optional six-speed automatic) the task is difficult due to the nonlinear power delivery. The Fiat engine is entertaining, at least when it’s kept in the middle range. It produces a solid punch and an exhaust note that is pleasant to the ear. The 1.4-liter engine has very little power at low speeds and the gusto is lost well before the red line.

The Toyota 86 and MX-5 Miata are track-day and autocross darlings respectively, but the Fiat is a more comfortable roadster if you prefer sunny-day cruises to track events. The Abarth model with a stiffer suspension is more like a little scamp. Every 124 enjoys quick feedback-rich steering and good control on the narrow roads. For a small roadster, the 124 Spider is comfortable.

Fuel Economy and Real World MPG

The Fiat is small and lightweight, with a small engine, so it comes as no surprise that it earns excellent fuel-economy estimates according to the EPA. The 124 Spider with manual transmission scored 39 mpg in our highway fuel-economy tests. This is an improvement on its 35 mpg highway rating.

Interior, Comfort, & Cargo

The base-model 124 Spiders come with manual climate controls. Lusso, Abarth, and Lusso models have automatic climate control and heated seating, but you won’t find many other luxuries. The cabin space is limited, especially for passengers and drivers over six feet tall. The cabin’s interior is confining because the top when raised arcs tightly around it. The soft top should be folded behind the seats at least once a week, but this is a roadster, so the sky is the limit for headroom.

You might have hoped that the 124 Spider would swallow cargo more efficiently than it gulps two persons, but that hope is now gone. The Spider’s trunk is small and there is very little storage in the cabin for phones and other items. The trunk of the Fiat can hold one suitcase.

Connectivity and Infotainment

All 124 Spiders come with a touchscreen infotainment system that measures 7.0 inches. The touchscreen can be operated via the center-console knob. It shares the Miata’s infotainment software. It is easy to set up and has shortcut buttons for navigation, audio, and home menus around the knob. Bluetooth, an auxiliary audio input and redundant steering wheel audio and phone controls are all standard. However, the rest of technology is basic. There are no smartphone connectivity platforms like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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