2020 Ford EcoSport Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


The name Ford EcoSport should not be taken as a deception. It isn’t fuel-efficient nor sporty, but it is still a subcompact crossover. The EcoSport offers the high seating position and optional all-wheel drive many buyers desire, at a reasonable price. However, that’s also true for almost all its competitors. It’s also slow and cramped, just like smaller cars of the past. The EcoSport has many of the same features as higher-end vehicles, but the EcoSport’s low-rent interior is not worth the cost. You can choose from the Kia Soul or Hyundai Kona for something more elegant with better road manners. The Nissan Kicks is the best option if space is a concern.

What’s new for 2020?

Minor changes to the EcoSport line are made for 2020. The SE trim now includes an 8.0-inch touchscreen. This is an increase from the 6.5 inch last year. FordPass Connect is standard on all trims and includes a WiFi hotspot as well as app connectivity. This allows owners to unlock and lock their vehicle using a smartphone. These features require a subscription, but a 1-year free trial of the app connectivity is available.

Renting fleets should not have to own the Spartan EcoSport S. Upgrade to the SE trim for heated front seats, power driver’s seat and passive entry with push button start. There are rear parking sensors and satellite radio. The touchscreen infotainment system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. An all-wheel drive option is available for $1500. It also replaces the turbocharged three-cylinder engine with a four-cylinder. Both engines are extremely slow so upgrading is only recommended if you absolutely require all-wheel drive.

Transmission, Engine, and Performance

The EcoSport has both the standard turbocharged three-cylinder engine of 123 horsepower and the optional four-cylinder of 166 horsepower. It is not fast. Both engines share a dutiful six-speed automatic transmission and–surprisingly–can tow more than most rivals. We’ve tested these powertrains and found that straight-line acceleration isn’t a strength. Both engines were still responsive at highway speeds and stopped lights. With the four-cylinder engine, Ford can tow 2000 pounds. The Ford can tow up to 2000 pounds with the four-cylinder engine. Even the three-cylinder version can tow as much as 1400lbs.

The EcoSport is a flawed vehicle, but it has redeeming qualities that can even be considered fun. It drives better at slower speeds, to be precise. Although the Ford was agile and responsive when navigating busy streets, its sluggish steering and noisy ride made it less enjoyable. Although the ride isn’t able to isolate the cabin from rough surfaces the softly spring suspension of our Titanium test car effectively protected occupants from this harsh environment. Unfortunately, the top-heavy demeanor and spongy shocks led to unruly body movements. These effects were magnified at higher speeds. Although the brake pedal of our front-drive Titanium model did not feel firm, it gave consistent feedback.

Fuel Economy and Real World MPG

EcoSport’s “Eco” is not for those who are looking for economics. Neither one of the available engines is inefficient. They just lag behind their competition in terms of EPA estimates and real world highway fuel economy. Surprisingly the four-cylinder engine performed better in real-world testing than the three-cylinder. The four-cylinder achieved 30 mpg while the three-cylinder produced 28. Both were not as efficient as the Hyundai Kona and the Nissan Rogue Sport, however.

Interior, Comfort, & Cargo

The EcoSport interior is functional rather than fashionable. This can be appreciated on the lower-priced models. The cabin quality on the top trims, which cost almost $30,000., is disappointing. There is plenty of space for passengers in the front, but not enough back. The Ford’s tiny interior is a disappointment compared to the spacious cabins of the Kona or the Kia Soul. The rubbery leather-wrapped steering column felt rubbery and the majority of the plastic surfaces felt hollow and hard. The SES model adds a touch of luxury to the interior with leather-and-cloth seating and copper-colored trim pieces.

The EcoSport is small but offers plenty of storage and cargo space. The majority of test results were average. However, the Ford proved to be a handy, compact travel companion with a few useful tricks. Although it was smaller than the Rogue Sport or the Honda HR-V, it had a greater capacity than other comparable competitors. Although the EcoSport offers a variety of storage options, none are particularly large. To create a climate-controlled area, a sealable vent is located in the glovebox. It connects to the vehicle’s Air Conditioner.

Infotainment & Connectivity

There are two levels of EcoSport infotainment. The top version is based on Ford’s user friendly Sync 3 system. The touchscreen is 8.0 inches and features Android Auto interfaces and Apple CarPlay. The base models come with a basic display that supports Bluetooth, but does not support any other smartphone integration.

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