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Don't Just Be Tempted and Influential

image Don't Just Be Tempted and Influential


don't just be tempted & reckless investment

Forget for a moment conventional investments such as saving, buying gold or land & others. As the digital world rolls in like the waves of the ocean, new investment models keep popping up. One of them is crypto currency.

at first glance, this investment sounds promising. more beautiful stories according to investors. It can't be helped that super big companies like Tesla have even got crypto as a legal payment. who's not impressed?

but the name of the investment, there is always a profit and loss. There are also risks to be aware of. The Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) asked residents to be more careful in immersing their funds in new types of investment instruments.

To note, a number of victims complained of losing money invested. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti) also continue to remind the public to be careful investing. The public must also be wise and trace the track record of companies that provide investments because many are fraudulent or have not met the requirements that apply to Indonesia.

Head of Swi Tongam Luban Tobing explained that the Task Force continues to educate residents through various platforms, such as webinars, public lectures, media, and so on. Education has been carried out, but there are still many people who are tempted by investment offers using unreasonable returns. SW, according to Tongam, is taking various preventive measures so that more people don't become victims.

Some of these preventive measures are monitoring of illegal investment activities, and continuous education and awareness by emphasizing the implications of preventing citizen involvement in illegal investments. Citizens must look at two things before investing their funds, namely legal and logical.

“Legal means that citizens need to be careful about the legality of the institution and its products. logical is to understand the business process being offered, is it reasonable & appropriate to use the reasonableness of the return offered by the bank," he told Sindo newspaper, Tuesday (22/dua/2022).

on the other hand, swit also carried out repressive actions against illegal investments. Tongam outlines some steps to take if you find an illegal investment. such as immediately stopping the activities of investment entities, announcing to the people, applying for website blocking and routine implementation to the Ministry of Communication & Information (Kominfo), and reporting to the National Police Criminal Investigation Agency for law enforcement.

However, he acknowledged that the government seems to have difficulty detecting this illegal investment offer because many of its servers are stored abroad. Then, the case based on the community side is that it is easy to be tempted by high output returns in a short time and do not understand investment.

between volatility & hacked

Investing through crypto assets is undeniably booming lately. poly who is tempted by the lure of output that is many times over. Unfortunately, many are tempted to invest their money in coins or crypto assets without an in-depth background knowledge.

however, the money used is not "cold money". Because of this, many novice crypto investors are surprised by the rapid ups and downs of crypto prices.

three. complicated

crypto assets 100% dependent on digital channels. If the mystery credential code or private key of the asset is lost or stolen, then the asset will be lost forever and there is no possibility of returning. "The first step that must be taken before owning a crypto asset is that you have mastered how to properly secure your digital crypto assets. It is recommended to use a cold storage wallet," said Alfons.

4. no control

According to Alfons, there is no regulator/institution that controls crypto assets because it relies on a decentralized blockchain. 3. irrevocable transactions nature of transactions on crypto assets cannot be canceled. “Once recorded, it is recorded. even if the transaction occurred because of a criminal act,” he said.

five. transaction can't be canceled

the nature of transactions on crypto assets is irreversible. "Once registered, permanently registered. even if the transaction occurred because of a criminal act,” he said.

called the future, but still labeled haram

Crypto currency is like a double-edged sword in Indonesia today. some people have used the findings in the digital realm as a new investment location. but on the other hand, some circles still prohibit and attach the label haram.

The 7th Ijtima Ulema Council Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) on Thursday (11/11/2021) then agreed on 12 points of discussion. one of them, regarding the use of cryptocurrency. Head of Mui for Fatwa, Kh Asrorun Niam Sholeh, the use of cryptocurrency as one of the legal currencies is haram.

"It is unlawful because it contains gharar, dharar and contradicts the use of law number 7 of 2011 & Bank Indonesia regulation number 17 of 2015," he said. related to that, ni'am asserted, cryptocurrencies into commodities or digital assets are not legally traded. In addition, it does not meet the syar'i sil'ah requirements, namely there is a physical form, has value, the amount is known with certainty, property rights and can be handed over to the buyer.

after 3 money the Central Board Tarjih Council (PP) Muhammadiyah decided the Tarjih fatwa that cryptocurrencies are illegal, both as a sense of investment and as a sense of exchange. the reason is, there are still downsides in the crypto money. the value of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is very volatile with an increase or decrease that is not fair.

"Bitcoins are just numbers without any underlying assets (assets that claim bitcoins, such as gold and other valuables)," said Majelis Tarjih PP Muhammadiyah.

This speculative and gharar nature is forbidden by the Shari'a, as the word of Allah and the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and does not meet the values ​​or benchmarks of business ethics based on Muhammadiyah. "Especially these 2 points, namely there is no gharar (Muslim day) & there can be no maisir (qs. al maidah: 90)," reads the coverage of the PP Muhammadiyah Tarjih Assembly.

second, crypto as a medium of exchange. As a medium of exchange, in fact the law of origin of crypto currency is permissible, as are the rules of fiqh in muamalah. The use of crypto currency is actually like using a barter scheme, as long as both parties are happy, not harming and violating applicable regulations.

On the other hand, the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappepti) supports the emergence & trading of domestic crypto tokens. CoFTRA even sees that the future of Indonesian crypto is quite bright.

“CoFTRA sees that the future of crypto assets made in Indonesia is relatively bright. In recent years, several crypto assets prosthesis of the nation's children have been marketed in several world markets, and some have been registered with CoFTRA," said Acting Head of BAPpepti Indrasari Wisnu Wardana in his statement, Monday (21/dua/2022).

Wisnu's statement is a response based on a polemic of a token spewed out by an artist. the reason is, in his post, CoFTRA wrote that the token was discontinued as a result of that it had an impact on the price of the token.

by the artist and then went to CoFTRA to straighten out the problem and it was later discovered that there was a misunderstanding. Although it supports domestic crypto tokens, Wisnu insists that all tokens must be registered and authorized by CoFTRA.