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latest bitcoin price in 2022


image latest bitcoin price in 2022

The prices of bitcoin and top cryptocurrencies were observed to experience uniform price movements, Tuesday morning (26/4/2022). all the top cryptocurrencies that previously weakened, have now managed to rebound.

according to data according to coinmarketcap, Tuesday morning, crypto is using the largest market cap, bitcoin (btc) managed to rise 2.22% in the last 24 hours but is down 1.25% in the week.

currently the price of bitcoin is at the level of usd 40,378.70 per coin or equivalent to rp 582.five million (estimated exchange rate rp 14,426 per US dollar).

ethereum (eth) also managed to strengthen today. over the last 24 hours, eth is up 2.66%. but still down 1.57 percent on the week. using that, currently eth is at the level of usd 3,010.54 per coin.

The next crypto, Binance Coin (BNB), which this morning also strengthened. in the last 24 hours bnb was up 0.79 percent, but still down 3.38 percent on the week. which makes bnb priced at USD 403.81 per coin.

then cardano (ada) also managed to return to the green zone today. in the past day there was a 1.16% gain, but still down 3.86 percent for the week. thus, is at the level of usd 0.8981 per coin.

as for solana (sol) also strengthened. over the past day the sol is up 1.15 percent. but still down 1.69 percent for the week. Currently, the price of the sole is at the level of USD 100.70 per coin.

xrp is unfortunately still in the red amid other cryptocurrencies that are strengthening. in the past day, xrp is down 0.73 percent & 9.07% on week. using it, xrp is now priced at USD 0.6962 per coin.

terra (luna) has continued to strengthen since yesterday. terra is up 6.19% in the last 24 hours & 7.98% on the week. currently terra is priced at USD 96.44 per coin.

stablecoins such as tether (usdt) and usd coin (usdc), today both gained 0.01 & 0.02%. using them, both are now priced at USD 1.00.

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