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Learn & Earn Improve Crypto and Blockchain Education


image Learn & Earn Improve Crypto and Blockchain Education


illustration of transactions using bitcoin digital money.

Jakarta - Since the pandemic, crypto and blockchain assets have become familiar to the people of Indonesia. Moreover, crypto assets are now one of the investment choices by the community, because they can bring wider profits and benefits.

Seeing this, Tokocrypto continues to strive to provide relevant solutions to educate people about crypto assets and the blockchain ecosystem.

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In 2020, Tokocrypto innovates to present a cryptocurrency application that can help people understand crypto, blockchain, nft, defi to financial management literacy.

Nanda Ivens, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Tokocrypto, discusses some of the interesting things behind the invention of cryptocurrency which emphasizes bringing people closer to the concept of crypto assets to blockchain, in order to increase knowledge and help users manage finances to achieve their financial goals. This initiative is needed to broaden the scope of citizens to access crypto asset literacy education inclusively.

"Behind the growing interest of citizens and the number of crypto asset investors in Indonesia, education and literacy can still be said to be minimal. To encourage solutions based on this case, Tokocrypto presents cryptoversity, the implementation of education that can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere," Nanda said in a statement. the press in Jakarta has not been this long.

Nanda further revealed that this cryptocurrency application is interesting and unique. Cryptoversity is the first educational implementation in Indonesia that carries the concept of learn & earn with crypto asset rewards. Users who learn and complete missions in the process are entitled to crypto assets, in the form of TKO tokens that can be stored in their wallets or donated through Tokocare, Tokocrypto's CSR platform.

Cryptoversity implementations which can now be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store have a number of learning topics. Users can choose the topics they want to learn, ranging from socialization of blockchain technology, blockchain projects, crypto assets, NFT to crypto finance literacy. This implementation is also wrapped using a slick UI (user interface) to facilitate the learning process.

"Cryptoversity users are given a bonus for completing courses and quizzes in the form of TKO tokens which can be stored and transferred to their Tokocrypto account wallet or donated through Tokocare. This attractive and simple solution effectively encourages people to understand what they learn in the application," said Nanda.

Cryptoversity applications will continue to develop & innovate to make users more comfortable learning. Tokocrypto's research team will develop topics, & curricula that are in sync with the interests & developments of crypto assets and the blockchain ecosystem to keep them relevant.