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Satoshi Nakamoto's Crazy Bitcoin Mystery Theory, Begins with Alien and Cryptographer Suicide


image Satoshi Nakamoto's Crazy Bitcoin Mystery Theory, Begins with Alien and Cryptographer Suicide

Satoshi Nakamoto left a fortune worth IDR 913.6 trillion in bitcoin. no wonder if only aliens are not tempted by the treasure left behind. photo/ist

Jakarta - The name Satoshi Nakamoto has re-emerged as the creator of bitcoin after the number one person at Tesla, Elon Musk believes that Nick Szabo is the original figure behind the name that shocked the world. It is known that in his interview using a business insider, the man who was born on June 28, 1971 did mention Nick Szabo's name as a bitcoin creator.

Elon Musk told prosthetic intelligence researcher Lex Fridman that Satoshi Nakamoto's identity can be traced through who wrote about these ideas. "You have to pay attention and be able to see new perspectives before the launch of bitcoin and see who wrote about those ideas," said Elon Musk.

According to Elon Musk, it looks like Nick Szabo may be more than anyone else responsible for the evolution of these new ideas. It's just that Elon Musk's analysis with Nick Szabo is not the only assumption circulating in cyberspace. revealed that Satoshi Nakomoto actually presents a myriad of analyzes.

The original figure is also questioned whether it really exists or is just a fabrication. It can be said that Satoshi Nakamoto is an unsolvable mystery. because everyone, for example Elon Musk, has their own theory of who Satoshi Nakamoto really is.

That's what happened in Satoshi Nakamoto. Many names appear to be the person responsible behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto. it's just that no one wants to admit it. There is not a single person who actually wants to be the heir to the creator of that digital currency.

Although his figure does not exist in the real world, the existence of Satoshi Nakomoto is so generally dominated in the virtual world. his views are expressed through cryptography forums. he created millions of followers who worship his name.

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it's just that it all ended in May 2011. At that time Satoshi Nakamoto uploaded his goodbyes using cryptographic forums. "I'm moving on to other things and may not come again in the future," wrote Satoshi Nakamoto.